AS1554 welding standard

17, February 2015
An Australian manufacturer supplying heavy duty hose and cable reels to many industries is now standardising the level of welding on its manufactured technologies in a very transparent way.
ReCoila, a reels specialist based in Sydney, has now made it an expectation that welders working in its production plant are trained and accredited to the skills set demanded by Australian Standard AS1554.
AS1554 is a certification that allows welders to perform down hand, vertical up and overhead continuous fillet and butt welds so the end user of its cable and hose reels recognises its product is made to an identifiable criteria and set manufacturing requirements.
ReCoila Managing Director, Mr Michael Pawson, says the heightened internal standards now properly reflect the direction the company is taking and the reputation it has gained across most industries.
“When you consider the varied applications of both our off-the-shelf technologies as well as customised solutions, they are often deployed in circumstances where breakdowns are very unwanted,” said Mr Pawson.
“And when you consider all the many welded parts in a hose or cord reel used in heavy industry, the quality of our welding is tested day in, day out.
“Our welding has always been of the highest order, but now welding done on a ReCoila technology will be under the auspices of AS1554 standards, we are declaring strongly to Australian industries that we don’t take second best.
“Because we supply the Defence Industry, oil and gas, shipbuilding and marine, heavy engineering, emergency services, food production, mining and agriculture among others, it gives us more gravity in quality of product.
“With our welders at ReCoila trained to AS1554 Standard it is a strong message to industry that quality is repeated in each and every weld on every single technology that leaves our production plant.”

Published in ManufactureLink
Last modified on 17, February 2015

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